We make your
product smart

Do you already have a product that you want to make smart and digital?
Or do you just have a great product idea?
Then we are just the right partner for you.

New smart product idea?

We realize meaningful IoT products

We develop the software for smart products in the Internet of Things that make sense and are sustainable for our planet and our society. Whether you are an individual, a startup or an already established company with a great smart product idea, then we are exactly the right partner to work with you to turn your idea into reality.

We are IoT and Cloud experts

Thanks to our many years of experience and the use of our own IoT and cloud building blocks (e.g. our easyvis.io platform), we can implement projects more quickly. Depending on the project, we rely on a healthy mix of open source software and in-house development, whereby we do not want to reinvent the wheel.
Our consulting and development expertise spans the following areas:

  • IoT device software development
  • IoT connectivity to the cloud
  • IoT monitoring and remote access
  • IoT Data Analytics and Machine Learning
  • Serverless Cloud Development
  • App Development Cross-Platform (Mobile, Web, Native)

Sharing opportunities and risks

We start many of our projects in cooperation with our partners, so that there is a balance of opportunities and risks on both sides. We firmly believe that this is the fairest and most sustainable way to develop products. Of course, we also develop products successfully as a pure service provider if the general conditions do not allow it otherwise. We are always an honest partner for whom the focus is on a successful product and a long-term partnership.

How we work together with you?